Covered Sites: Improve Your RV Experience and Save Money


Have you ever considered moving your RV to a covered site but are concerned about the increased costs associated with it? Fear not, through feedback from full-time RV’ers and RV travelers it has been discovered that there are many cost-saving benefits associated with parking your RV under a covered site, and here are two quick ways you can save money moving.

Financial Benefit #1: Reduced Utility Costs

One common trait throughout many RV Parks is that long-term renters (1 month+) are typically responsible for their own utility costs. These costs can create a noticeable variance in the amount you pay monthly to remain on your site. One common misconception that persists is that reserving a standard site will save you money through reduced rental rates, however, this is not always the case. In hot climates such as Texas, reservations occupying un-covered sites can often experience higher electrical bills, especially in the Summer Season. These extra costs are associated with the extra demand required from AC units for renters to remain comfortable in months with increased temperatures.

On average, renters who occupied covered sites often found a reduction in the month-to-month fluctuation of their utility bills due to the insulation and shade provided by the covers.  Furthermore, this was not just limited to the summer months. Renters also found that insulation provided by covered sites saved them money in the winter by requiring less propane to heat their RV. Moreover, the reduced utilization of your AC and Propane Heater units will also save money over time as they are not required to be replaced as frequently.

Financial Benefit #2: Protection from Sun Damage and Other Inclement Weather

Another cost-saving benefit provided by covered spaces is protection from sun damage as well as destruction caused by other instances of inclement weather. Whether it be heavy rain, hail, or just the sun beating down on your RV’s paint during the hot summer months, renters in climates such as Texas must keep in mind the costs associated with repairing your RV. These costs can be drastically reduced through the protection that a covered space will provide.

Covers can provide protection from leakage caused by excessive rain which can lead to a range of costly problems such as water-logging and electrical damage. Furthermore, in the case of hail and the sun, covers will also provide protection from extensive damage to the top of your RV and the repairs associated with fixing it. These repairs can include things such as new paint as well as hail damage repair which can also reduce the resale value of your RV if and when you decide to sell it.

Overall, moving to a covered space is a forward-thinking decision that can save you a lot in the long run.

New guests who book a covered space before August 31st, get $25 off your first three months.

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