Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team! 

Major League Baseball is one of America’s greatest past times. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the ball game its self, you can still have a great time going to a park. There’s nothing like sitting in those stadium seats, socializing with your friends, with the smell of fresh hot dogs and beer caressing your nose. It’s so much more exciting when you’re there, rather than just watching it on TV. The sport gets a bad wrap for being boring because that’s how most people watch it now, on their televisions at home. But you can’t beat the experience you get watching the ball game at the ball park!

Houston Astros

Home Run

Home Run

Being so close to Houston, several of us enjoy catching a ball game when we can. The Houston Astros will be playing Tampa Bay tomorrow at Minute Maid Park, followed by the Dodgers on the 21st/22nd, and it’s going to be a good couple of games. The Astros are putting up a fight this year in the American League (AL), and have made it to the top in their division! They have gone from one of the worst teams in the last few years, to first place in the AL Western Division, with a 65-55 win/loss record. They’ve definitely come from behind in their 3 years in the AL to take the League by storm this year, and surprised many of their naysayers and fans alike.

The Ball Game at Minute Maid Park


Minute Maid Park is so much more than just a ball park. They host a slew of events, and there are some great restaurants with awesome happy hours located inside! You can even plan a tour of the park, or to host a birthday party for the baseball lover in your family! Saint Arnold’s is actually looking for Happy Hour Live Music talent right now, so if you have an awesome band ready to play some gigs, contact them and show them what you’ve got! How cool would it be to play at Minute Maid Park?!


We are so close to so much action here at Forest Retreat! Book with us now and join in on the fun! We can’t wait to see you.