Labor Day Festivities!

With our location being so close to several towns, we’ve gathered some information for you on what’s going on around here this Labor Day weekend.


Houston Comic Con

If Comic Con is something you’ve never experienced, you’re missing out. This event use to get a bad wrap since it’s devoted to comic books; however, it’s a huge display of what’s hot in pop culture right now. You may not think it’s something that you’d enjoy taking the kids to (because you know they’d LOVE it) but we can assure you, you’ll have a good time, too. There are several amazing costumes that you’ll see, various celebrities – some of which may also be in costume – and there’s often times teasers for new releases that you can only hear at the event! But, the best part about this Houston Comic Con is the Star Wars Fan Experience. Surprise your family with the ultimate gift: tickets to this year’s Comic Con. They’ll be thanking you for years to come!




Ghost Tours of Texas

These tours are highly rated and an incredibly fun experience, especially with Halloween right around the corner! They’re spooky – and educational with the history of these locations – and the perfect tour to keep the family interested and entertained. Within walking distance, you’ll see various locations that are believed to house the supernatural. You might even catch a ghost on camera!




Lake Limo Yacht Charter

The lake is a perfect place to spend your Labor Day weekend. So many people usually do, and barbecue with all of their friends and family. Why don’t you take it one step further, be the awesome person that you are, and rent one of these luxurious yachts for everyone to enjoy? Guess who will be the hero of the weekend? You! That’s who! You can also get tickets to several different types of experiences if you don’t want to rent the entire yacht. They have Casino dinners and concert cruises, so you can definitely find something within your budget.